Written by Marina Dooney, Business Development Manager.

Before the start of this new year, it was suggested in my appraisal that I support one of our clients’ projects as a Project Support Officer (PSO) to help me improve my understanding of the project management profession, while also, giving me the experience to support and mentor other junior project support officers when they join the business.

I have been working on-site for almost 2 months, I am supporting the Governance, Integration and Assurance Programme Manager with various project support tasks. I belong to a large team who are responsible for the development of construction of an addition to a popular rail station in London.

My main responsibilities consist of; creating and managing trackers, engaging with stakeholders about their outstanding actions, creating presentations, updating plans, taking minutes and managing certain stakeholders’ diaries. So far, it has been an exciting opportunity because there is a lot of work to be done.

I am looking forward to building my project knowledge and learning more about the project management profession. Additionally, I will be taking the APM PMQ at the end of the January, which I think will help me develop my knowledge so much more!