We will determine, create and prioritise your projects’ delivery through our planning mechanisms. Planning and scheduling is an integral element of managing any project. Taking the time to clearly define the project’s objectives as a precursor to creating an informative, realistic and achievable schedule increases the probability of a successful outcome.


Best practice at PL Projects dictates that all three of our planning mechanisms (below) are implemented with the right level of care and attention, thus reducing the likelihood of project failure as a result of poor planning. As you’d expect, our team are skilled in the use of different scheduling tools to support this.




Determine the weekly planning process, standardise the planning templates, confirm plan owners and help you decide the level of planning to be carried out based on the project management maturity of your organisation.

Create the required project plans and the overall programme plan; the aim here is to get a consensus around baseline set.

Track, monitor and report the plans in line with the governance cycle and the earlier-determined planning process.