PL Projects

Passionate Project Professionals



We support clients across the UK with their demanding project requirements through our project management consultancy and training services.  

Planning & Scheduling

We determine, create and prioritise your projects' delivery through our planning mechanisms.

PMO Support

We govern and maximise control over the entire project lifecycle to keep your projects on track.

PM Software Support

We suggest the appropriate project management software solutions to support your projects' requirements and manage the implementation process.


We offer bespoke training packages, ranging from project management software to APM accredited training courses, developing your team's skills to run successful projects.


We are a team of passionate project professionals, but what does that really mean for you and your business’ projects?

Passionate. We love discovering innovative ways to make our clients’ lives easier. You can usually find us up late at night fettling with the latest software or holding team-wide brainstorm sessions to solve our clients’ various problems. If you are thinking that this is a bit sad, you are probably right! But that is what happens when you are passionate about something others are not!

Project. Projects are what we are passionate about! We have experience supporting a variety of projects, programmes and portfolios, from large-scale projects in the public sector, to smaller-scale projects in the private sector. Our business is known for adapting to the ever-changing project environment to guarantee your planned objectives and receive tremendous benefits! 

Professional. This not only concerns the way we act with our clients but also how our team members engage with various professional bodies. We belong to a variety of these and are constantly developing our CPD through various training courses, qualifications and certifications.  



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