We govern and maximise control over the entire project life cycle to keep your projects on track. Project Management Office (PMO) is responsible for enterprise level planning methodologies, risk management, governance and other administrative support features. As your team of passionate project professionals, our responsibility is to support, direct and liaise with all relevant stakeholders in the project.


We tailor our reporting approach to your needs, with the project size and complexity in mind. This can be straightforward reports set up in Microsoft Excel or more sophisticated status update reports with automated RAG feeds in a dashboard format, using a variety of bespoke reporting tools, like Perform.


Clearly defining roles and responsibilities within your team not only helps to efficiently deal with issues and change requests, but also ensures that senior stakeholders and the sponsor are well informed throughout the whole process.


Change control is particularly important when the project is a part of a larger programme or portfolio. Our team are responsible for handling your project’s change control and change request processes.


Resource management reduces the likelihood of resources and finances being wasted. We will assist you with the estimation of your resource requirements and provide the necessary resources to successfully deliver the project. 


Unfortunately, risks are a part of every project. However, our support can help you to anticipate these risks and suitably put actions into place to reduce their uncertainty or enhance their opportunities.


We understand the importance of flexibility in your organisations’ projects. This is why we provide support to meet your demands, whether it’s hiring one consultant or a whole team to support you on a short term or long term project. Our experience across a variety of industries and budgets, from public sector to private means that we have consultants at various levels able to work within your budgets to achieve your goals. Even though you may hire us as a contractor, your PMO support is backed by the entire PLP organisation.