A world where positive change is brought about by projects delivered ethically, efficiently and sustainably. 


To nurture our staff and provide excellence in project-based support and training.

Projects, programmes and portfolios aren’t all that we are about – we have a strong vision of the kind of business that we want to be. Besides providing high-quality services, we also have principles rooted in: 


We are committed to supporting local businesses, especially in and around the West Yorkshire area.


We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and use of non-recyclable or renewable materials.


We work closely with and offer our continuous support to two select charities in a variety of different ways.


We are active community members in the Halifax area. Our headquarters are based within the beautiful Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, which is a subsidiary of the Halifax Opportunities Trust. Income from our rental space goes towards supporting other charities and businesses a part of the Trust. There are some fantastic suppliers in our community that have supported PL Projects with a variety of requirements, and we continuously seek to work with our neighbours where we can.


Our detailed environmental policy states how we make our business as sustainable as possible in a number of ways:

Decreasing our carbon footprint

Our ‘cycle to work’ scheme incentivises our staff to travel to work via bike rather than car. Not only does this mean less cars on the road, but it is also an excuse to get fitter and healthier! We have invested in technology whereby our staff members (from a number of locations) can meet remotely so that travel time is reduced.

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

It’s easy for businesses to get complacent with recycling, but we have a pretty strict scheme on it here at PLP HQ!

Sustainability Work Group

At PL Projects, we created a sustainability work group that consists of employees who are passionate about providing beneficial sustainable changes to the organisation through different education initiatives. “We believe sustainability means considering all three pillars of sustainability, i.e. the economic, social and environmental facets of changes we make. We believe in informing, engaging with and influencing internal and external stakeholders towards making project-based activities, more sustainable and considerate of future generations.” More information will be released over the coming months, about SWG’s strategy and what they are up to. To find out about our sustainability journey, read our RISE Award Winners news post.


As well as supporting local businesses where we can with our procurement practices, we also offer our continuous support to two select charities, both in the local community and further afield:

The Outback Community Garden

The Outback is a unique community garden based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. It spans 1 hectare and houses organic fruit and vegetables as well as a range of other plants. The centre relies on volunteers to maintain the garden throughout the seasons, so in 2019 we began to offer our volunteer support once a month. We are pleased to support this local cause, which is part of Halifax Opportunities Trust, who do extremely important work for our local community.

The Kerry West Orphanage Project

The Kerry West Orphanage Project does vital work in building, running and maintaining a school and accommodation for orphans in Uganda, Africa. The project currently supports over 100 children in the Bunyonyi area and relies on volunteers to take part in maintaining the site, offering monetary donations and other donations of supplies to do so. As well as regularly making these donations, our staff at PLP recently received a training session about the work carried out by the charity. One of our directors also has plans to visit the charity in 2021 to take part in one of the building projects whilst raising money to aid the cause.