Written by Alistair Oldroyd (Project Management Placement Student) and Issy Hunt (Marketing Placement Student).

Have you secured a placement or are you wanting to find out the benefits of one?

It can be a little daunting to jump into the world of work whilst at university.

To help you understand what you can expect, our current placement students shared some insight into what they wished they knew before they started their placement at PL Projects:

  • Not everything is the same as you see on TV (eye roll!)
    • There is no Michael Scott or David Brent giving you orders. There is a team of senior leaders encouraging and supporting your development… and they are not as scary as we thought!
  • Our work will make a difference
    • We expected to be shadowing someone higher-up and given work for the benefit of learning, not actually completing valuable work for the business. Instead, we’ve worked unsupervised on clients’ projects and marketing assignments, with our own individual responsibilities.
  • We would have to balance working at the client site and PLP
    • Both cultures are very different, the client’s site is more formal and sometimes stressful, which can be a contrast to the relaxed and friendly-feel of PLP.

Remember! Your placement year is all about learning and expanding your skills so that you can excel after graduation. It is okay to feel underprepared, out of place and nervous. Making sure you choose the right organisation that supports growth and development would be our best advice!

At PL Projects, we aim to guide our placement consultants to success and will support them every step of the way. To read more about placements visit our careers page.