Are you looking to update your CV or freshen up on your skills? Project Management skills are universal to any industry or profession, so the Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) is the ideal way to kickstart your career! We have put together 6 reasons why you should consider the PFQ…

  1. It’s APM accredited (so you know it must be good!). Employers love accredited qualifications. That’s why they place such emphasis on standardised and accepted qualifications such as A levels, BAs, PhDs etc. Whilst the PFQ is not necessarily in the same bracket as a PhD, it does nonetheless boast a clear basis.
  2. Everything needs a Project Manager nowadays. Whether it’s a wedding, gig, Christmas party or new marketing campaign, it will need a Project Manager. As more and more organisations are recognising the value of Project Management methodologies and ideas and how they can improve efficiency, the individuals with the qualifications will start to get a lot of kudos!
  3. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is hugely important. Employers love to see that you’ve taken time out of work to invest in yourself. Whether it be volunteering with a charity, learning a new language or learning new skills, they’ll be impressed. The inherent flexibility and huge amount of applications for Project Management make the PFQ the perfect choice.
  4. It’s quick to do! You might not know it but you can take the full PFQ training course and exam with PL Projects in 3 days. We’ll even buy you lunch when you pass! 
  5. Our courses offer a number of potential opportunities. Our courses are attended by people and organisation from a wide range of backgrounds and organisations. Whether it’s a multinational manufacturer or a City Council, you’ll network with a range of people who could help you take that next step in your career.
  6. You have an extremely high chance of passing. Did you know that our current pass rate on the PFQ course is 100%? Yes, quite literally, 100%! Some of the reasons are simple; our training team have been teaching at university, in company and on open courses for more years than they would care to put in print. Other reasons are part of the broader PL Projects philosophy; we go further than others to make sure you understand the content, we’ll sit down with you to help you if you’re unsure on any of the concepts covered and we’ll come in early if you want a quick refresh before the exam. So you are definitely in safe hands!