• MSc Human Resource Management
  • CIPD Level 7
  • Assoc CIPD
  • CMI Level 7 Award Strategic Management & Leadership Practice
  • Master in Business Administration
  • CIPD Associate Member

Current responsibilities: In Anu’s present capacity as a Human Resources Manager at PL Projects, an organisation that inspires passion and professionalism. She is committed to enhancing a culture that prioritises People, values growth mindset and has clearly articulated expectations. In her profession, Anu leverages her expertise to provide guidance on a wide range of HR solution areas.

Previous experience and personality: Anu was previously employed with Aston University as a Project Consultant for a short period following over 17 years of Human Resource management experience with Schneider Electric, Intelligroup and other companies working across geographies.

She’s passionate about her work; enjoys challenges that her profession brings to the table and manages them competently. She’s personable and appreciates working with teams.

She volunteers with a charity group to coach young people to become successful in their ventures.

Interests outside of work: Anu enjoys gardening and spending time nurturing plants. Enjoys family time and when time permits, likes to doodle.

Best thing about PLP: “Everyone is incredibly welcoming, PLP encourages continuous professional development and promotes an inclusive culture by providing opportunities in various forms. The fact that each person has the opportunity to work in various groups and pursue their individual aspirations strikes me as amazing. I am involved in activities of the Sustainability group that allows me to interact with the environment and contribute to future generations.”

To see Anu’s full CV, please send a request to our BD Manager at