The Covid-19 pandemic has seen working from home become more of a necessity than a luxury for many organisations around the world and the way that we work as a result of this has changed massively. We are sharing our top tips for successfully working from home.

  1. Create a space in your home for working. Your new workspace does not have to be fancy, big or expensive, but it is useful to have a dedicated area where you store the things you need and feel comfortable whilst working.
  2. Get into a routine. It is easy to get complacent with sticking to the structure of your day when you don’t actually have to travel anywhere to start it. Getting into a daily routine (including showering, getting dressed etc.) will help to give you the structure you need to get your jobs done. If you are struggling to organise your time into a routine, read our blog on how to organise your life like a project manager.
  3. Communication is vital. Whether there are five people in your team, or five communicating effectively has a significant impact on helping a business to run smoothly. There are many apps, software and tools to aid communication when working from home, some of which include:
    • Microsoft Teams: a communication platform offering workspace chat, video conferencing and much more.
    • Slack: an instant messaging application designed for organisations.
    • Dropbox: a file hosting software allowing you to store and share files easily with co-workers.
  4. Check on your co-workers. Some find working from home harder than others, especially in times like this. A quick “how are you getting on?” message or call goes a long way!