In 2018, the Association for Project Management (APM) reported that numbers for taking part in project management apprenticeships had risen yet again. This marks a move away from the ‘traditional’ processes of project management recruitment (namely of attending university and then going straight into work).

We are sharing the benefits to completing a project management apprenticeship scheme and why you should consider it as a valuable route into the project management profession.

Why should I consider becoming a project management apprentice?

  • University fees. There has been anecdotal evidence to support the view that the major rise in tuition fees put in place by the Coalition government of 2010-2015 has had a significant impact on the numbers of people wanting to go down the university route (and with average debts of £50,800, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, it is not hard to see why people might at least look at other routes first).
  • Employers want apprentices. Employers are looking to hire apprentices because they come unencumbered with previous work patterns or expectations. As a result, they can be developed and taught in a way which fits completely with the company’s way of working.
  • Learning through doing. In any discipline there is only so much one can learn through textbooks and academic work. Ultimately, you have to take the step and attempt to put things into practice. Many non-manual disciplines such as PM offer immense opportunities for the right candidates to learn on the job.
  • Supported by targeted training which is immediately tested out in real life. Apprentices can receive help through specific PM training courses which can be attended over a short time period. Courses such as the two APM accredited courses (the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification and the APM Project Management Qualification) pack huge amounts of theory and PM knowledge. This knowledge, in conjunction with the practical on the job experience can be a powerful combination.

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