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Customer Focused Project Management Consultancy and PMO Support

At PL Projects, we are unique in our focus on our individuals. It is vital to us that our values and beliefs train and cultivate people, who, as well as their expertise, understand the importance of providing an ethical and professional service to those we serve.

To give you an insight into our approach, have a quick look at our history. 

PLP has been in existence for 20 years, but really took off 5 years ago when the three directors (Mike, Rob and Andy) decided to take on and train 2 recent graduates. These graduates were from the Project Management degree at what was Leeds Metropolitan University, where Mike used to work. Both have been trained in best practice Programme and Project Management support whilst shadowing Rob in significant PMO roles within EDF, JD Sports, Alexander Dennis and the NHS. In the 5 years they have developed an abundance of knowledge, skills and experience and are now managing their own teams.

As you can see, we are passionate about what we do and we deliver our services the right way. Outside of our consultancy and training work, we pride ourselves on contributing to activities within local neighbourhood organisations.

Get your project plan right with our experienced team...

Significant project management errors can take place in the planning and scheduling phase of your project. Our experienced team can help you avoid a range of pitfalls with initial consulting, full-time PMO support in planning and scheduling your project’s objectives.

We have the ability to use your own project scheduling tools (like MS Project) or we can establish these tools for you when we begin the planning and scheduling phase of your project. We will work with you to develop a plan that’s realistic, achievable and has milestones, constraints and reporting structures in place so you can achieve your desired result. 

Take a look at Our People page where you can see our experienced Project Planners and learn more about the recent work they have done for our clients, maybe some of our project experience sounds familiar! 

Let our project management experts work for you directly in house to deliver your project

PMO Support is our one of our most popular services. Many organisations see the benefit of project management expertise but are reluctant to employ project managers on a permanent basis (usually because they are unsure if they have enough work to warrant it). That’s where we come in!

Our PMO team is made up of a wide range of project management professionals from highly experienced experts through to recent graduates. We can provide the perfect project management office team for your project on a contractual basis, providing you with the expertise you need to deliver successfully.

Project Governance - let us help keep your project on track and on budget

Our consultants understand that Project Governance is critical to keep your projects focused and in line in order to deliver the benefits outlined in the business case. PLP would enter your organisation to assess, understand, develop and implement governance frameworks to clearly address the who, what, when and why in all of your projects. Through governance, we can perform the following:

  • Develop an understanding of the relationship between the client’s business and project management structure.
  • Project / programme maturity assessments.
  • Governance framework design and analysis.
  • Analysis, validation and enhancement of corporate controls over authority to commit, spend, contract and authorise change.

If you have a project plan in place but are unsure on how best to ensure that all the key decision milestones are dealt with and responded to, then have a word with us about key stakeholders, communication plans and receiving those all-important sign-offs!

Project Rescue - get your project back from the brink of failure

If the worst has happened and the project that you or your organisation is working on has developed major issues, then our team of experts will be able to help.

Our team thrive on problem solving and have a broad experience when it comes to the aetiology of crisis situations and how to turn potential failures into success: we’re happy to discuss some of the remedies that we’ve implemented to deliver project rescues and turnarounds.

Let us help keep your project under control...

At PLP, we understand how significant it is to have control over your projects to achieve those desired outcomes that offer benefits to your organisation. Project Controls is a significant service to our collection and should not be overlooked.

The Project Control service involves our consultants tracking performance against your agreed plans and creating actions to meet and achieve your defined objectives. Our consultants would recommend and implement the best control method (because there is a few) for your project to achieve success. We also understand that control methods are dependent upon the size of your project, but we have experience working on both small and extremely large projects, so we would be able to help! If you are struggling controlling your project, speak to one of our Directors in more detail to learn how we can help.

You want project management success - PLP is a partner with a proven track record of success

We plan for your project’s success from the beginning by collaborating all of our services together to achieve your project’s desired objectives. This involves gathering key criteria from stakeholders, agreeing upon desired objectives, planning and scheduling the project’s stages, governing and controlling the entire process.

Our consultants perform these services to increase your chances of achieving real project success within your organisation.

Interested in finding out more about the processes and methods we use? Why not use the quick contact form below to get in touch with our experienced team?

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today and see how we can help you deliver.