Last Friday PLP all got to participate in very informative and engaging collective event about mental health and the workspace. Emma and Jess did a fantastic job designing and leading September’s training event. They broke the session into three different interactive parts, the first one being a group discussion to complete different word association activities. Following this we all participated in a whiteboard activity in which we were divided into 4 small groups to answer three important questions about mental health. Every group developed excellent ideas into how PLP could better assist with staff’s mental health, such as group forums, coffee mornings, more out of work events like bike rides and walks, communicating with each other more and meeting with account managers for more check-ins. The last activity was an entire group conversation about our own mental health experiences. Many different types of experiences were shared and we got to learn so much about each other through answering this question.

Once again, thank you to Emma and Jess for creating and leading great training on a very important topic. All our ideas from the session have been captured and will be distributed to the team effectively. We will be implementing the suggested ideas throughout the year!