• BSc Hons
  • APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)
  • APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

Current responsibilities: My role is to produce integrated, consolidated programme plans for implementation, deployment and business readiness teams to ensure the business IT transformation is implemented and adequately supported, enabled, trained, prepared and ready in time for the Go Live.

Personality and experience: I provide support to programme teams to develop, maintain and track their individual plans; undertake the development and implementation of programme and business plans and a weekly progress reporting cycle to provide a holistic view of overall programme status; identify and report programme and business requirements; produce tailored reports for varying audiences/stakeholders, ranging from programme and business teams to programme leadership and business executives and define and implement governance and standards for document management, dependency management and planning.

Interests outside of work: Snowboarding, fishing, rock climbing and cycling.

Best thing about PLP: The support and direction provided to continually develop and improve as a project professional.