At PL Projects, our colleagues have taken the initiative this year to select two project consultants to champion our mental health awareness programme. Each month, Emma Huckerby and Jess Bailey inform their colleagues about the latest news regarding mental health support and awareness. Similar to everyone else around the world, our colleagues have found themselves affected in many different ways by the Covid-19 pandemic, and they recognised the importance of creating a safe space to discuss mental health topics that are becoming more apparent.

See below some cut outs from our Mental Health Awareness bulletin posts over the last three months to read how Emma and Jess are providing guidance and support for their colleagues.

This is a new programme and we will be reflecting on it’s progress throughout the year. If you have completed something like this in your business, we would love for you to share via our comments section!

When asked to share some words about what it means to be the mental health champions at PLP, they wrote;

“Working in a consultancy firm means we don’t always get to see our team as we all live and work in various parts of the country, this made the choice to become mental health champions much more important than just doing it due to the recent pandemic. We understand and value mental health in the workplace, but we also support the issues people have outside of work too, as we know this can hinder performance in the long term. Therefore, we want to make sure that we cover all angles as we want to make people’s lives easier all round. We took it upon ourselves to create a mental health initiative and provide the team with resources as and when they need it. We update the team on various events and awareness opportunities that arise each month and encourage coffee chats and regular interactions with one another.”