Invest in Yourself! Four reasons you should think about Continued Professional Development (CPD) this September.

September is here and that can only mean one thing; Summer is over. You’ve had your holiday, some care free moments and plenty of relaxing time and now it’s back to work in waiting for the dark nights and wintery showers… Sound familiar? (And a bit negative?)

But wait a minute. It doesn’t have to be this way. September is a chance to reassess where you are, decide some new career goals and boost your employability. SEPTEMBER IS THE NEW JANUARY! Here are four ways you can boost your CV by focusing on your CPD before the year is over…

1)    Join a Professional Body. Whatever your line of work or whatever you are interested in, there are a whole host of professional organisations which offer memberships. For an annual fee you could be connected to other like minded people for worthwhile meetings, talks or discussions, have access to informative webinars and other perks and it looks great on your CV.

2)    Review your own performance. Get a pen and paper, half an hour of peace and quiet and get writing. What good things have you achieved so far this year in your job? What things are lacking? What knowledge/ experience do you need in order to catalyse your own performance? Set some goals and then work out how to achieve them.

3)    Take a minute to assess when you last did a formal qualification. Was it three years ago when your manager booked you and Margaret from accounts to do a day’s course on customer service? Was it ten years ago when you completed your degree? Our minds are like muscles; they need stretching and exercising just like our bodies. Be honest with yourself and think about when you last pushed your brain to take in new information and grow.

4)    Get booked onto an accredited project management course now to freshen up or boost your CV and add something new. Employers really value seeing something new and up to date on your CV and everyone likes to work with people who push themselves to learn more and improve all the time.

Don’t hesitate, just have a look at what courses we’ve got coming up, get in touch and do it. By the time 2018 is upon us you will thank yourself.

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