Does this lockdown feel different to you compared to the first? Maybe less baking and more sleeping, or less running and more tweeting? However you are feeling, reminding ourselves how to stay focused is always a must.

We have put together three simple ways that have helped us to stay motivated so far during lockdown;

  1. Set yourself an achievable project. It may not come as a surprise to our network that this is our first suggestion. An achievable project is something that you want to and are able to complete. Don’t choose something that is boring, frustrating or stressful, choose a project that brings you joy and will make you feel accomplished once it is completed! 
  2. Schedule yourself some “me-time”. We all have a lot more free-time than we used to, so why not use this new time more wisely by scheduling something you look forward to. Maybe “me-time” is baking, going for a walk with the dog, taking a bath or pampering yourself with new at-home facemasks. Whatever it is, make an appointment with yourself so you have something to look forward to later on in the day.
  3. Set boundaries for screen-time. We all know that moving from one device to another is not good for the eyes, but it certainly is easy to do when you are bored! Trying different activities besides scrolling will not only help you pass the time, but will make you more productive and in return you will feel like you accomplished something!

Remember, 3 ways to help you stay motivated in lockdown (and beyond) are: find an achievable project, schedule some “me-time” and set screen-time boundaries.