In this day and age, life is incredibly busy for most of us. Balancing it all can feel like a near impossible task at times. The project management (PM) profession has many skills that are transferrable to different industries, but you can also use these skills to organise your life. Here are our 5 recommendations of how to organise your life like a project manager.

  1. Define what you want to achieve. Consider your aspirations and goals as different projects. We recommend writing these down as a list of objectives to help you to achieve your goals and record important milestones.
  2. Split your objectives into tasks. This will help you to begin to form an order of what needs to be completed first, as some tasks may need to be completed before others. After tasks are created, we suggest assigning timeframes to each one so you know how long will it take to complete your objectives.
  3. Create schedules. Every successful project has a schedule! A well-planned schedule is key to being aware of what you need to do and when you need to do it.
  4. Look to bring in additional resources. If you are struggling to manage a certain aspect of your life, you could consider outsourcing services (if budget allows). To keep costs lower, think about how you can get your resources for cheaper or free – for example asking family members to help out.
  5. Manage your risks. We manage mini risks every day, but when it comes to larger risks in life, they can sometimes be dangerous. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the risk management process, why not try using our free risk register template to help you along the way.