September’s here. The sun has gone in, the nights are already beginning to get darker. Everyone has taken their Summer holidays and are now back at work, ready to slog their way through to the end of the year!

Or are they?

Sometimes people can get a bit down after the Summer. The weather changes from sun to grey, it’s back to more formal working hours, and we start thinking about the weather getting colder as each month goes by up into Winter. HOWEVER… We can acknowledge people in our team may feel this and then help, because September can be a great time to motivate your staff!

  • Remind your staff that September is a new time to set goals. With Summer often being a time where lots of people take holidays or WFH / have flexible hours because of childcare etc, this is the month where everyone gets back together, almost as a fresh start. As the weather turns a corner, it serves as a reminder that there are only a few months left until the end of the year; therefore, it’s a PERFECT time to set some new targets and goals to achieve before the year is over.
  • Book in a staff social event. Let everyone get to know each other again in a relaxed setting, boost their morale, reinvigorate why they like working for the company!
  • Schedule in some one to one or small group review meetings from now until the end of the year. This will give your staff some timeframes to work towards their objectives and opportunities for them to voice concerns/ express any opinions about how things are going.
  • Smile! Being a positive and happy role model for your team as opposed to a grumpy, pessimistic one can work wonders. Not only will you be contributing to a more optimistic place of work, you will be cultivating a respectful and thriving working environment.
  • Think ahead in terms of your team’s needs. Investing in your staff is important and thinking about the years to come is vital in the planning of where the company needs to be in the next few years. Which staff are showing signs of great competency and may be eligible for promotion? Which staff need more support? Do staff need training or qualifications to help them perform their job to the best of their abilities? Plan out what you think with your leadership team and find out budgets you for the next year or two in staff training and get planning!

If you think Project Management is an area where your staff would benefit from some APM accredited qualification, PL Projects can help! We offer training courses in Halifax, Leeds and Barnsley or can do in- company training courses depending on your needs. See here for details.