Webinar: Part 1: The Changes between the Association for Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge (BoK) 6th and 7th Edition

What is this webinar about?

In our most recent Project Management (PM) training webinar series, our Training Managers, Mike Bates and Paul Whitehead, discuss some of the important changes between the Association for Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge (BoK) 6th and 7th edition.

Mike and Paul felt it was important to conduct a webinar to our consultants about these changes to ensure our professionals develop their knowledge of the changing PM profession and in return, update their skills to help them deliver successful projects.

PL Projects is an accredited training provider of the APM’s Project Fundamentals (PFQ) and Project Management Qualifications (PMQ). Our Training Managers teach different levelled professionals in these PM qualifications. To learn more about our courses, visit our website.  

What are some of the highlights we discuss in part-1 of the webinar series?


  • Revisit the definition of a project because a new phrase has been introduced.
  • Explore the new Project Environment acronym, VUCA. Do not fret, we still have PESTLE and SWOT.
  • Dissect the important changes to different Project Life Cycles, including Linear and Extended Project Life Cycles.
  • Introduce a new Life Cycle called Iterative Life Cycle – it is agile.

What else can I expect to learn in part-1 of the webinar series?

Other topics include:

  • Product vs. Work Breakdown Structure (PBD vs. WBS)
  • Delphi Technique emphasis
  • Parametric Estimating
  • Information Management review

For further insight into the changes between the APM’s BoK 6th and 7th edition, you can watch the full webinar over on our YouTube channel.

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