We passed the stage 2 audit with flying colours. We received incredible feedback from our auditor, who said it was his first audit this year in which no non-conformities were identified. This is a huge achievement for the entire business! As the Quality Manager, I would like to thank all my colleagues for contributing to this project one way or another. The Quality Management System (QMS) team is certainly over the moon with Tuesday’s outcome, we hope everyone else feels the same.

This two-year journey has come to completion and now we must continue to maintain our QMS and transfer to business as usual. As we continue to gain more clarity, precision and develop communication of PL Projects’ processes and procedures, QMS will become more habitual as opposed to being the head scratcher it was in the beginning.

It has been a great way to return to my new graduate role within the business. However, at the same time, it feels like the closing of a chapter. Upon reflection, I realised I have been a part of this project since the beginning. I supported the original Quality Manager, Nathan, in different administration responsibilities, then took over primary responsibility and ensured successful delivery with the support of the QMS team. It feels like an indication of progression or transition. It is unclear if the development of the QMS has accidently been a part of a pivotal time of my life or it may have played a vital role. Regardless it has been an enjoyable learning experience, bring on the next one, cheers!

This News post was written by John Hirst