About Us

About Us - an experienced Project Management Consultancy and training company committed to delivering success...

The History of PL Projects

PL Projects was founded in 2002 by Rob Watson as a vehicle for his own burgeoning project management consultancy work. Since then the company has expanded considerably, adding a training arm and working with some of the biggest organisations in the country to successfully deliver projects. 

The company now employs 15 people on a full time basis with several more on a part time basis. The vast majority of these work in front line project management roles – either working contractually with a range of customers or supporting those who are engaged in this type of work.

Our Values

We are fundamentally a people focused business. We believe in honest, straightforward attitudes and hard work, something we expect from all of our staff and something we deliver to all of our customers.

We have a huge amount of experience delivering projects for organisations as diverse as Alexander Dennis Coach Manufacturers, the NHS and Sellafield Nuclear Power Plant. We gained this experience because of our straightforward, businesslike attitude.

We have a broad range of staff with varying levels of experience and expertise. Nurturing young project management talent and providing opportunities for recent graduates is a huge part of our philosophy as an organisation.

Why Potato Lane?

Pl Projects was founded some 15 years ago by Rob Watson.

Rob was not immediately set on a name for the company – being more focused on delivering exceptional service and value for money for his immediate and prospective customers.

However, as time passed he decided that it was perhaps best to give the company a name. It just so happened that at the crucial moment arrived Rob found himself on Potato Lane and so PL Projects was founded.

Our Achievements

Many of our staff are hugely qualified on an individual basis, some of which have several degrees and have won awards in their own right. However as a company we are perhaps most proud of our recognition as ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Halifax Courier Awards in 2017. 

In any service industry, the staff are the absolute lifeblood of the organisation and we work exceptionally hard to recruit the best possible staff (whether they be graduates or experienced practitioners). To be recognised in this way was seen by the company as a major feature in the company’s cap.