As a project management training provider, most of the participants on our courses are working professionals and because of this, we thought we would recommend our 5 top tips to studying while working.

  1. Plan your week ahead of time. Planning helps you to organise your time, enabling you to complete more in a shorter period of time as well as reducing the stress and anxiety that can come with being unprepared.
  2. Schedule time for both studying and relaxing. As important as it is to set aside time for studying, don’t forget to find time for relaxing. Creating a balance is key to motivation.
  3. Find a place in your home dedicated to studying. We recommend finding somewhere that you will be able to focus without being disturbed. If possible,  it is also a good idea to separate your work space from your relaxation space so that you can physically as well as mentally separate the two activities.
  4. Inform your colleagues and manager of your study requirements. This will allow your team to support and motivate you through this new challenge.
  5. Befriend someone on your course, qualification, degree (whatever format you are studying in). You can help one another with the content as well as motivate each other to successfully pass any homework, mock-tests and exams.