Access to products and services has never been easier in this advanced age of the internet and technology. You can pretty much get anything you want, in a short period of time.

There are a number of large organisations offering imported products at incredibly fast delivery times. However, small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have been hit the hardest as a result of the economic effects of the pandemic. Simply Business reported in their ‘Impacts of Covid-19 on UK small Business’ report that 67% of SMEs were required to stop trading in the last 6 months (report was conducted in September 2020) and the total cost of this could exceed £69 billion, with an estimated 234,000 SMEs permanently stopping trading. These statistics support our case as to why we all should consider buying from our local businesses, instead of larger, multinational companies.

Here are our five reasons why you should support local businesses:

  1. Supporting local jobs. This contributes to the local economy cycle. Small business quite often offer better pay and perks than bigger companies, benefitting the people in your local towns and cities.
  2. Improving the local economy by putting money directly into your local area. Thriving businesses in an area can attract more visitors and even boost house prices, that benefits us all.
  3. Cultivate and celebrate the uniqueness of where you live. Having an array of local businesses supplies your community with its own individuality.
  4. Better customer service, tailored to your needs. Local business owners know their area and their customers’ desires.
  5. Contributing to someone achieving their ambition and realising their potential. Supporting a local business is also about respecting and validating the hard work the business owner has ploughed into their company, shop or service.

We care about supporting local businesses in Halifax and the surrounding areas and we are proud to work in such a diverse and supportive place! Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page to read more about how supporting local businesses contributes to our overall mission.