Is PL Projects’ APM PMQ the right course for you? We have put together 5 benefits of the PMQ to help you decide…

  1. Receive an internationally recognised qualification. This means that you won’t be restricted in your progression choices after you have completed the qualification.
  2. The course is backed by a professional body. PL Projects’ are accredited from the Association for Project Management. This means our course material and trainers meet the standards and codes of practice, set by the APM, for what project professionals need to know.
  3. Taught by trained experts in the industry. Both our trainers come from academic professions. Mike was the Head of the Project Management degree and Josie was the Course Director for the MSc Civil Engineering Degree at Leeds Beckett University.
  4. We run a part-time course, allowing you to study whilst you work. The course is completed part-time, three hours weekly over 10 weeks of teaching and 4 weeks of revision, with a three-hour written examination upon completion. Sessions are run Thursday evenings 4pm-7pm.
  5. It provides useful information that you will use in your project management profession. The PMQ will allow you to demonstrate an understanding of how key topics from the APM’s ‘Body of Knowledge’ interact and how your project fits into strategic and commercial environments, as well as an understanding how these concepts can be implanted to deliver success.

So, now that you know the benefits why not find out when our next course is and sign up now!