Webinar: Part 2: The Changes between the Association for Project Management (APM) Body of Knowledge (BoK) 6th and 7thEdition

What is this webinar about?

Our training directors, Mike and Paul, continue the discussion about the changes between the APM BoK 6th and 7thedition.

What are some of the highlights we discuss in part-2 of the webinar series?

We cover…

  • The notion of the Delphi Technique. This is a forecasting method used on a project you may have not carried out before and require an expert opinion.
  • Critical chain scheduling has the same principle as critical path, but there is a challenge about monitoring the buffer…
  • Resourcing allocation in the Iterative Life Cycle looks different compared other Project Life Cycles.
  • Changes in the Risk Management Process. New steps have been added and older ones removed. 

For further insight into the changes between the APM BoK 6th and 7th edition, you can watch the full webinar series over on our YouTube channel.

What do you want to learn about next?

Are you a project professional struggling to find answers to your project questions – we can help! We are interested in hearing what our network would like to learn more about. Whether it is understanding the changes in the BoK 7th edition, or solving the problems you are facing within your projects, we want to help you find the right solutions. Please contact us at, ask us your project question and we will put together some free training material for you!