Paul Whitehead

Paul Whitehead MSc MAPMPaul Whitehead
Project Management Trainer

Now retired from my day job, I am enjoying a lot of playing-out time and equally enjoying my new hobby… once again working on project management course development and delivery with Mike Bates at PL Projects.


I spent the first half of my career initially on motorway design and construction and then a lot of tinkering about with roads and associated structures in the Barnsley area of South Yorkshire County Council. Abolition of the metropolitan authorities lead to a change of direction and I joined what was then Leeds Polytechnic working for a decade or so delivering Civil Engineering courses.

New provision in project management needed staff and that is when I first teamed up with Mike Bates to work on the undergraduate degree. During this time, I co-developed the MSc in Project Management, taking on the course leader role for the next decade. As a distraction from our day jobs, we also developed and delivered the APMP and Introductory Certificate courses and did bespoke external training to keep us busy.


Previous clients:
Leeds City Council, Virgin Money, Yorkshire Water, Alexander Dennis Ltd.


Other info:
Working on completing snagging on the homestead which gained substantial completion circa 1990. In between doing some walking, cycling and occasional skiing, all to work up an appetite and to make the glass of red worthwhile.

I also maintain a keen interest in civil engineering as my tirades while driving around our rapidly deteriorating road network will affirm!