Brett Pryde

Brett Pryde BSc (Hons)

Senior Project Planning & Controls

Brett is a project planning professional with expertise in developing schedules from template plans for engineering/IT projects and supporting personnel to undertake subsequent tracking and updating. He also has experience in performing PMO/Project Co-ordinator roles.

He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) in MS Project 2013 and is currently in the process of working towards the same qualification in MS Project Server 2013.

Brett is an excellent team player and will complement any set of project staff with his ‘can do’ attitude, ambition and good humour.



Given the increasing threat of cyber-attacks on businesses, the importance of protecting a company’s assets has never been greater. Brett is currently working with Serco in this area on a Cyber Defence Programme, as PMO/Project Co-ordinator across a global programme.

As well as developing and maintaining a programme plan and tracking milestones, Brett also manages and maintains a master RAID log and provides communication through a reporting function he runs across the programme.

He is also responsible for managing resources and ensuring that the project team adheres to planning standards and follows project management best practice. The interaction within this programme involves engaging with stakeholders at all levels, from the project team to the programme board.

Brett’s previous role was in the demanding world of bus and coach production, an industry in which significant emphasis is placed on time, cost and quality when delivering products. Brett provided planning support on a new initiative within the business, using Microsoft Project Professional in conjunction with Microsoft Project Server 2013.

He also provided face-to-face and remote planning support across four key sites around the UK and supported engineers developing and maintaining plans and resource profiles within a portfolio of new product developments.

Before joining PL projects, Brett completed his degree in Project Management at Leeds Metropolitan University where he learnt much of the theory he has subsequently been able to put into practice in a work environment.




“Brett joined the Cyber Defence Programme at a stage when the programme had an immediate requirement for a PMO. He quickly applied himself by reinstating good communication and governance across the regions through the reporting functions. He also integrated the numerous workstream project plans in to a consolidated programme plan and gave us sight of any High Level milestone movement through a bespoke milestone report created through MS Project.

He did all of this on a weekly basis while managing the programme RAID log, providing day-to-day PMO support and facilitating meetings up to Programme Board level. Brett is not phased by anything that is thrown at him and works extremely well under pressure. He is an attentive and trustworthy individual and I would not hesitate in working with Brett again in the future”

– Linh Thy-Vu (Senior Project Manager), Cyber Defence Programme, Serco.


Brett has been with our team for quite a while now and he has helped to move our planning on substantially in our move towards full integration of our engineering plans into the Project Server environment. I’m aware it’s been his first position after university and I am delighted with how much he has contributed.

Phil Kershaw, ADL Project Planning Team, Alexander Dennis Ltd (Bus & Coach Manufacturers)